Amy’s “Cartooning 101” for Kids (and Grown-Up Kids) Flyer

A flyer I just made for teaching kids cartooning.  I will be teaching a workshop at the Young Author’s Conference in Ogdensburg, NJ on Saturday March 31st, 9am-12pm.  I am planning on offering private lessons to children for basic cartooning and storyboarding/writing skills in the Northern NJ area!  This is so exciting!!! : )


What a fun day!  Here is my certificate for teaching a session:  (More pics of the Event to come!)

5 thoughts on “Amy’s “Cartooning 101” for Kids (and Grown-Up Kids) Flyer

  1. I really like this flyer a lot. I agree with every point either as a draftsperson or a creative writer. I suppose the one thing you might want to consider is covering your phone number and updating. Not every person on WordPress is very honest.

    Regarding your faces (& the coment last night), I thought about it I was falling asleep and there are quite a few political cartoonists or humor cartoonists who do not draw faces nearly as expressive you do. Look up some of the old Garfields or Doonsburys. Those guys struggled quite a bit, but they stuck to good writing like you do and eventually their craft improved to the polished look they have now.

    Right now, I’m struggling with feet. Everyone one of us have strengths and weaknesses. I love your composition and style. I also like your writing as well as handwriting. What you think you are weak in will improve as you continue to post.

    • Wow, thanks “Aaron the Ogre”!! This is such a nice comment, and honestly…..I have trouble with feet ALL THE TIME too! I appreciate your comments and will continue to follow your Art/WordPress Blog as well! (Thanks for the insight on my phone #….maybe I should make a copy of this and white it out and repost it?) I think your style & composition is amazing!!! So, coming from you, it is quite inspirational to keep going! Thank You! : )

  2. Angela says:

    Looking forward to the Young Authors’ Conference! See you next week. 🙂

    • Thank You, Angela! I’m looking forward to meeting you too! Thank you for inviting me, I am so excited to teach the kidd-os “Cartooning 101”! (And, get some great advice from the Pros!

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