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    You Rock Media Group will be hosting a benefit concert for the victims of Hurricane Sandy on Friday, November 23rd at the Rickey Farm in Vernon, NJ. You Rock Media Group Inc. (YRMG) has created a revolutionary new social media network where Fans, Artists and Venues interact in a unique way to discover new talent, influence their local music scene and donate to worthy charities.

    The American Red Cross is one of YRMG’s premier charitable partners and YRMG has come together to assist in the massive, on-going fund raising efforts they have endured since the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated many parts of the Northeast, specifically New York City, Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey. All proceeds of this event will go directly to the American Red Cross Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.

    Ten bands will be performing, and they all have a story to share about how the hurricane affected them or someone they know. Cristina Ferucci of Jefferson Twp. Said “Surviving the storm was difficult enough, nevermind what people are having to endure afterwards”. Geoff Doubleday of Sparta said “A tree hit my house and did some major roof and wall damage. A tree also fell through my neighbor’s house; it was quite a traumatic experience”.

    Jesse Rinaldi and James Thoubboron of the band Lift the Decade said “The great thing about this cause is that it’s not such a broad thing…like solving world hunger would be a “broad thing” but this freak of nature storm devastating an area that really never experiences this type of destruction, getting gas, running out of food, etc-it’s much more effective to donate $50 to someone who hasn’t been able to eat a hot meal or take a shower or wash clothes”

    Paul D’Olivo, lead singer of the band Shout Out the Crowd shared his experience: “My cousins live in Hoboken which was hit really hard. Sewage was flooding up, they lost their car and felt helpless, unable to evacuate. They lost everything they had in their small apartment. My uncle Steve has a shore house in Seaside Heights, he doesn’t even know the status of his home and still has yet to be able to go and assess the damage.”

    Joey Lorimer from the band Losing Streak shared a story: “ A tree fell down on a neighbor’s house, and we were surprised but relieved….then, about a half hour later my girlfriend’s cat alerted us to an electrical fire upstairs. As we called 911, we had to evacuate all the animals so we ended up being in the car with 2 cats, 2 dogs and an African grey parrot as we waited for the firefighters to come. The fire ruined entire computer room and burned a wall into my girlfriend’s bedroom and ruined everything”.

    Kyle O’Leary, Mike Mena and Josh LaGrave all had the same sentiments: “About half of (Mike’s) family lives in Long Beach Island and we would like to give back to the community. Also, this will be our last show, so we consider this as our farewell; what better way to do it than for this great cause for this state that created and inspired us”.

    Joe Danna, who plays guitar with singer/songwriter Hali Dee said “I was able to borrow a generator from a friend about 4 days after the power went out, then my landlord brought me one so I lent mine to friends in need. I felt sorry for those who suffered more than I did; I was able to take a bath and run water, salvage whatever food i could. But it put me in a better position to help.” Hali Dee added “It makes you feel very humbled when you realize the extent of not only the storm, but the aftermath; how much money, food, gas, etc. were taken for granted by so many; yet when it actually happened we really came to terms with human nature; mostly the best and not the worst of it. That shows the true human spirit at work.”
    Drew Conte from the band I Call Fives stated “The strangest thing for us is that we have been on tour while the hurricane occured and we felt helpless. We are glad that we can come back to NJ to do this benefit to help the people that we grew up with.”

    Joe Parella from Something About January reminisced: “We played at Bamboozle Fest on a stage that was 100 feet from the water in Asbury Park this summer. To see the entire place destroyed was really heart-breaking. Playing the show next week is so important to us because Rickey’s Barn is our local venue that we will never forget until the day we die. We have met all of our friends there, seen so many bands there, had our best and worst shows there, experienced everything for the first time there.”

    These are the reasons why these amazing young musicians, You Rock and Jamie Rickey have come together organize this benefit with the Red Cross to help people and families whom are displaced or in need of help.

    The show will begin at 3:30pm on Friday November 23rd. The Rickey Farm is located at 427 Route 94 Vernon, NJ. There is an $8 charge at the door, all of which proceeds will go to the Red Cross. Those unable to attend the concert live can watch it streaming live and donate by texting REDCROSS To 90999.

    For more information go to or contact or for artists and venue booking

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